Raven & Kreyn, Deekey, M7STIC - Time To Shine [Revealed Music]

STAX feat. Alessia - All I Need [Gemstone Records]

AWAKEND & Monika Santucci - Lost When You're Away [Enhanced Recordings]

Lane 8, Kasablanca - Run (Sultan + Shepard Remix) [This Never Happened]

Andy Moor - Safe On Both Sides [Enhanced Progressive]

NAEMS, Kazden, Emre Cizmeci - Love Blind [Revealed Music]

Andy Duguid - Analigital [Black Hole Recordings]

StanV - Lighthouse [Enhanced Progressive]

DT8 Project - Forever [Enhanced Progressive]

Pavel Khvaleev feat. Matvey Emerson - No Love [Colorize]

Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf, Kovil - Take Me Home [Revealed Music]

Durante & HANA - Away Home [Anjunadeep]

Dezza - In Your Arms (Jackarta Remix) [Colorize]

Jay Hayton - All I Can See [Enhanced Recordings]

Falden - Don’t Wanna Know (Le Youth Remix) [This Never Happened]

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Scorz - That’s Life [Armada Music]

Massane - Leave Me [This Never Happened]

PRAANA - Ani Hu [Colorize]

Sultan + Shepard - Assassin [This Never Happened]

Matt Fax & Richard Bedford - Greatest Thing (Tommy Baynen Remix) [Colorize]

Kryder & Natalie Shay - Rapture [Black Hole Recordings]

PRAANA - Oracle [Colorize]

Massane - 5am [This Never Happened]

OCULA - Denali [This Never Happened]

VIVID - Olympia [Enhanced Recordings]

Julian Gray & 28mm & Forts - Air [Enhanced Recordings]

Paul Tarrant - Sunset Serenade (Taylor Torrence Remix) [Enhanced Progressive]

Taylor Torrence feat. Natalie Major - If We Say Goodbye (Rodg Remix) [Enhanced Progressive]

Andy Moor - Safe On Both Sides [Enhanced Progressive]

Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto - Still With Me (Elevven Remix) [Enhanced Recordings]

Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston - Good For Me (ALPHA 9 Remix) [Anjunabeats]

Farius - Wait [Enhanced Progressive]

Tritonal, Dylan Matthew, Au5 - Happy Where We Are [Enhanced Recordings]

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L.GU. - Hear Me [Colorize]

Scorz - Ephemeris [Armada Music]

David Broaders - Don’t Let Me Go [Euphonic]

VIVID - Olympia [Enhanced Recordings]

Armin van Buuren feat. SKOLES - Goodbye [Armada Music]

Julian Gray & 28mm & Forts - Air [Enhanced Recordings]

Fonzerelli - Destiny [Black Hole Recordings]

SICKCODE - Epsilon [Big Toys Production]

Disfunktion & LKX & Unterberg - Rush [Enhanced Progressive]

Dennis Sheperd x Roger Shah x Adam Is A Girl - We Are One (Denis Kenzo Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]

Maor Levi - Save The Last Trance [Anjunabeats]

GVN - Lucid Desire [Anjunabeats]

John Grand - The Rain [Enhanced Progressive]

Almero & Thomas Feelman - Bring Back Our Home [Crash & Smile]

Blanke feat. Luma - Survive [Ophelia Records]

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Ryos feat. Maggie Szabo - Midsummer Nights [Revealed Music]

Almero & Thomas Feelman - Bring Back Our Home [Crash & Smile]

Orjan Nilsen, DJ Governor - Memoirs [Armada Music]

Castion, JNZ & Colin Crooks feat. George Redwood - Don’t Leave Me Alone [Gemstone Records]

Julian Gray & 28mm & Forts - Air [Enhanced Recordings]

Disfunktion & LKX & Unterberg - Rush [Enhanced Progressive]

Chicane - One Foot In The Past (Back Pedal Brake Remix) [Armada Music]

Simon Doty & Ezequiel Arias - Reqiuem [Anjunadeep]

Wynwood & Whoman - Soronus [Big Toys Production]

BT & Matt Fax - 1AM In Paris (Paul Thomas & Dylhen Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]

Odra - Too Real [Freegrant Music]

Scorz - Ephemeris [Armada Music]

ReOrder & Jordan Tobias feat. Clara Yates - Contagious [Armada Music]

Alex Sonata & TheRio - Higher [Anjunabeats]

Lane 8 feat. Davey Havok - Riptide [This Never Happened]

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