Corey James with Jodie Knight - No Turning Back [Enhanced Recordings]

Nic Toms - Try To Find Me [AVA Recordings]

KILL SCRIPT feat. Crooked Bangs - Forever [Armada Music]

MaTa - Green Star [AVA Recordings]

Dennis Sheperd & Freak E Beatz - Break The Ice [Black Hole Recordings]

HamzeH - Venture [Armada Music]

Raven & Kreyn, Mingue - Be Better [Revealed Music]

Tritonal & HALIENE - Losing My Mind [Enhanced Recordings]

Farius - A Big Life [Enhanced Progressive]

NWYR - The Lone Ranger [Apache]

Jordin Post - Jupiter [Colorize]

Demmo - Paramount [Colorize]

Lane 8 - Reviver [This Never Happened]

RIKO & GUGGA - Into The Light [Colorize]

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